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All about Me
Instructor:  Louise Prihoda
MEmail:  [email protected]
Room 309
Conference:  1st Period
I teach Physics ( both Regular and Honors) and Engineering courses at Danbury High School.  Course expectations are attached below. The engineering courses include Principles of Applied Engineering, a first-year engineering course, and DE Engineering Design and Problem Solving, that follows the University of Texas Engineer Your World Curriculum and includes a dual credit option through the University of Texas.
   1st Period - Conference/Planning Period
   2nd Period -Honors Physics
   3rd Period - Engineering Design & Problem-Solving (DC)
   4th Period - Engineering Design & Problem-Solving (DC)
   5th Period - Principles of Applied Engineering
   6th Period - Honors Physics
   7th Period -  Physics
   8th Period -  ISS Supervision

                After school                   TTH 3:30 – 4:00


               (Other times by appointment, as needed)