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AP English Information

Information from AP/College Board for the (very different) 2020 Exam-at-home:


Date: Wed. May 13

Time: 12:30PM  student needs to login

1:00 Timed Exam BEGINS


It is very important that all students do the pre-exam activities provided by AP/CB.


Below is a link to an explanation/ overview of the slide show which is on YouTube now, link to the notes from the SlideShow and a link to the original SlideShow.


YouTube AP SlideShow Overview

AP SlideShow

Notes from AP SlideShow


The actual exam will be online with a 45-minute writing time and 5 minute upload time. There are very specific rules/tech guidelines for them to observe in order to access the exam at the testing time.

Students do need to make sure their tech is right prior to test day. All of this is detailed in the webinar and SlideShow. 


Please encourage your student to prepare ahead of time so that the exam will run smoothly for each of them.