Bond Scope

Click HERE for the bond handout.

On November 7, 2017, Danbury ISD voters will have an opportunity to vote on a $18,700,000 bond proposal for a new elementary school.

The school will be located on district-owned land behind the current elementary facility.



Grades:                             Pre-Kindergarten--Grade 5 

Capacity:                           600 maximum

Cafetorium Capacity:       382 (at tables for meals)

                                           600 (in chairs for performances/programs)

Square Footage:               76,250

Classrooms:                      27 grade level classrooms

                                            2 computer classrooms

                                            1 science lab

                                            PPCD classroom

                                            Special Needs Classroom             

                                            Art/Music Classroom

Other Features:                 Library

                                            Fully Operational Cafeteria/Kitchen

                                            Gymnasium/Multipurpose Area

Location:                            Avenue G and Panther Drive


Bond Purpose:                  Address the following at the Elementary School:

                                            Security/Access Issues

                                            Fire Safety/Fire Suppression Issues

                                            Aging Facilities and Infrastructure Issues

                                            Bring Classrooms to TEA Size Codes

                                            Meet Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Codes

                                            Provide Additional Space for Future Growth