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ClassLink / Google Classroom Login Information

New students first need to log into Classlink to update their password so they can begin using Google Classroom. To begin, open Classlink here or by clicking the Classlink hyperlink at the top of this page. When you are in the orange splash page you will be asked to input your Username and Password. The login info is:
Username: Firstname.Lastname
Password: Danbury202X (The current year)
After you reset your password away from the default, that new password will be synchronized to your school Google account. Once inside Classlink, please turn on the password recovery feature as listed here
Now you will be able to access Google Classroom. To log in use your district email:
Password: *the password you just updated*
If you are a returning student please log into Classlink. The info you use here to log in is the info that you will use to get into Google Classroom. Your Classlink login info is:
Username: Firstname.Lastname
Password: *your created password*
For Google Classroom you will use your district email address and the same password as Classlink
Password: *same password as Classlink*
If you do not remember your password you can use the Password Reset Feature provided by Classlink. On the login screen click the Help I Forgot My Password link, type your username in, answer your security questions, and reset your password.
If you never turned that feature on then you can request a manual password reset here. Though once changed, you should go into your Classlink account and turn that feature on to avoid this hangup in the future.