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Dear Parents:


Once upon a time, we believed that if we lived in a small community where everyone knows everyone, horrible things would not happen to us or, more importantly, to our children.


Unfortunately, you and I are too well aware that is not true.


The staff at Danbury ISD is committed to doing everything we can to prevent tragedy from occurring here. But we need your help.


Research shows that attacks against a school do not happen in a vacuum. In 80 percent of school attacks, someone knew beforehand. Please visit with your children about the importance of sharing with us any information that is concerning. We would rather chase down a false lead than to not have the opportunity to investigate a real threat.


If you have a concern about your child’s emotional health, please let us know so that we can work together to help your child become a stronger and more resilient adult.


In every school year there are incidents that are concerning to you. Whether it is a particularly bad fight or rumors of a gun on campus or sudden bad weather, you are going to want to hear from us immediately.


I want you to understand our protocol in such situations.


Our first priority will be to protect our students and staff. All of our efforts and staff members will be focused on that goal. It is absolutely possible (and probable) that you will hear from someone else before you hear from us.


As soon as we have facts to share with you, we will communicate with you through the automated DISD email system, the DISD website and the DISD Facebook page.


As difficult as it may be to wait, please let us put all of our focus on keeping your children safe even before we communicate with you.


Let me also share with you how we make decisions about closing school because of bad weather.


First, we do not want to close school. While we realize that we are not babysitters, we are cognizant that many of our parents work outside the home and, if the school closes, children may be left at home alone.


Danbury ISD is part of the Region 4 service area. When bad weather threatens, district superintendents throughout Region 4 have regular telephone conferences with meteorologists and emergency management team members. These meetings are often held late at night and very early in the morning to give us the very best and latest information. These experts do their best to provide us guidance for our particular district.


Keep in mind that decisions that neighboring school districts make may be different from the decisions we make. For example, Angleton ISD stretches from the Brazoria County-Fort Bend County line to the Gulf of Mexico and includes a large area along the Brazos River. It may be unsafe for their buses to drive in those areas while being perfectly safe for our buses to drive our routes.


Based upon the best information available to us, we will make the decision about opening/closing school. EVEN IF WE DECIDE TO OPEN SCHOOL, YOU, AS THE PARENT, HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME IF YOU BELIEVE THAT ROAD CONDITIONS ARE DANGEROUS.


We never forget that even though we care deeply about our students, they are your children whom you love beyond measure.


Even before teaching your children about reading, writing and arithmetic, we want them to be safe.


We look forward to working with you this year as we help your children grow. If we can be of assistance to you, please contact us.


Together, we will make this the best year in Danbury ISD history.





Patricia Montgomery, Ed. D.

Interim Superintendent

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Check out the Calendar of Events on this site.  This easy-to-use tool:

  • provides up-to-date school activities and events
  • allows you to view and print a daily, weekly or monthly list of calendar events
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Visitor Guidelines

In Danbury ISD, we are proud of our schools and welcome visitors. In order to protect the security of our students and staff and the learning environment at our schools, visitors must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All visitors to campuses must report to the school office, present government issued photo ID, sign in, state reason for being on campus and obtain approval from the principal or designee.
  • All visitors to school campuses shall wear a visitor name badge provided by the school office.
    Visitors who wish to disseminate information to students or staff must comply with district board policies.
  • Visitors may not recruit for fund-raising activities, religious groups, youth groups or political causes when visiting school campuses in accordance with this policy.
  • Clergy and other representatives of religious organizations (ministers, rabbis, imams, priests and the like) or youth group representatives may visit with their congregants and have lunch with them, but shall not use the visit to proselytize to others.
  • Media representatives shall arrange visits to school campuses with the District's Communications Department at the central Administration Building.
  • Visitors must wear appropriate attire when visiting district schools. [Policy FNCA]
  • A request for a parent and/or others to visit a classroom must be approved by the teacher and the principal. Approval shall be subject to the classroom activities scheduled for the day of the requested visit and must be conducted in accordance with district policies.
  • Due to privacy issues, videotaping in the classroom by parents is not permitted. Exceptions shall be granted only by the superintendent or designee.
  • Visitors who fail to comply with any of these guidelines and/or district policies may be prohibited from visiting the school and other District Facilities.