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Workers' Compensation

Danbury ISD is committed to preventing accidents and ensuring safety.  This section of the website has documents and forms that will assist administrators, school nurse and injured employees with the workers compensation process.

 If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia A. Wendel, Director of Business Services.              

Forms and Documents for the Injured Employee Packet
The Responsibilities Checklist helps the injured employee keep a clear record of responsibilities as they are completed.
The Danbury ISD Employee Injury Report is the first report of injury. Employees must complete this form within 24 hours of injury. Typically the accident report is immediately given to the employee when the notification of injury is made to the supervisor. The injured employee and the principal or department head sign the form. The completed accident report is then submitted to the DISD workers’ compensation coordinator.
The Responsibilities document gives a high-level overview of the employee’s responsibilities.
The Procedures for Reporting a Work Related Injury
document assists the injured employee with the workers’ compensation process and identifies the responsibilities associated with making a claim.

TThe TRS22 W document informs employees who are nearing retirement what TRS procedures are for receiving service and/or salary credit when a compensable injury occurs.

The Paid Leave Election Form is used when employees will be absent from work as a result of the job related injury or illness. The form allows the employee to indicate whether they choose to use sick leave days or not. The employee makes an election and signs the form. The leave election form is then submitted to the DISD workers’ compensation coordinator along with the employee accident report.
All employees that have been absent due to a work related injury have responsibilities that are identified in the Return to Work Procedures for Employees on Workers’ Compensation document. Among those responsibilities is the duty to report to the Human Resources department and visit with Glenda Moore, DISD Director of Business Services, to begin the return to work process.
Danbury ISD has prepared a Return to Work Manual to assist employees and physicians.
The Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions


 Danbury ISD is committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees. Preventing work related injuries and illnesses is a fundamental goal.

Danbury ISD will make every reasonable effort to provide suitable return to work opportunities for every employee who is unable to perform his/her regular duties following a work related injury/illness. This may include temporarily modifying the employee’s regular job or, if available, providing temporary alternate work depending on the employee’s physical capabilities. Only work that is meaningful and productive will be considered.

The support and participation of management and all employees are essential for the success of the district’s Early Return to Work Program.