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Safety & Security

Safety is at the Forefront of Everything we Do.
Danbury ISD continues to engage stakeholders including students, parents, staff and law enforcement regarding school safety and security. We seek out training and best practices in order to ensure a high level of preparedness for the wide variety of security challenges facing schools and other facilities.
In addition to physical threat countermeasures, such as security vestibules at all campuses, Danbury ISD focuses on the human component of preparedness through training and drills. A team of professionals, including law enforcement, meets to review plans and protocols and assess our security efforts to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for learning. Please know, that the protection of students and staff remain our top priority.
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Danbury Security Measures
Circumstances may occur at the school that require parents to pick up their students in a formalized, controlled release. This process is called a Reunification and may be necessary due to weather, a power outage, hazmat or if a crisis occurs at the school. The Standard Reunification Method is a protocol that makes this process more predictable and less chaotic for all involved.
Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology. It is about keeping information safe and secure, but also about being responsible with that information, being respectful of other people online, and being a good digital citizen. Here are some resources to support cybersafety.
Digital Citizenship & CyberSafety
Good mental health is critical to children’s success in school and life. Mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness, but also encompasses social, emotional and behavioral health and the ability to cope with life’s challenges. Here are some resources to support mental health. Contact the school counselor for more information about this topic.
In Danbury ISD, we are proud of our schools and welcome visitors. In order to protect the security of our students and staff and the learning environment at our schools, visitors must adhere to the following guidelines.

DISD Visitor Guidelines

LIMITED LUNCHTIME DELIVERIES - Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child at school and may bring their child food when joining them for lunch, however, food drop-offs are not permitted. This helps reduce interruptions to classrooms and decreases distractions to office staff during that busy time of day when active monitoring is so critical.

Emergency Information

  • Emergency: 9-1-1
  • Danbury ISD Police Department: (979)  922-1673
  • Danbury ISD Tip Line: (979) 313-9109

In the event of an emergency, DISD will:



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