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Senior 2021 Information

We are excited to announce that Danbury High School will be hosting graduation ceremonies at Humber Field on May 28th, 2021 at 7pm. 


All visitors are encouraged to wear a mask.  Families are strongly encouraged to sit together and socially distanced from others. There will be no assigned seats.


Alternate “Rain” Plan

Historically, rain has not been an issue on graduation day and we hope this year is no different. We will do what we can to proceed with outdoor ceremonies as normal on May 28th. In the event there is torrential rain, the graduation ceremony will be conducted with a limited number of guests and live streamed from the new elementary school cafeteria. COVID protocols will be in place including masks and social distancing. Every graduate will receive 5 tickets and only guests in possession of a ticket will be allowed to attend. 




Parents are encouraged to park in the back, newly paved parking lot.


Graduates will enter through the front high school door closest to the cafeteria and HS office. They will then be required to head to the gym to wait until graduation.


At the conclusion of the ceremony, the students will be escorted back to the gym in the same manner that they entered onto the field. The students will exit the field after they have listened to their class song. Their diploma and senior refund will be waiting for them in the gym. Once they have signed for their diploma they will exit through the doors by the concession stand (by the gym).


Please be cognizant of social distancing protocols when leaving.


Masks are encouraged for every guest, graduate and staff member. They are not required to be a part of the outdoor ceremony.



For all guests unable to attend, we will also be livestreaming the ceremony on Danbury ISD social media.

Because graduation is a special occasion, it should be dignified with proper attire:

For MEN -   A white dress shirt with a tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes or boots are recommended.  Flip flops are not acceptable.  Male students must be clean shaven.  For LADIES -    A lightweight, simply styled dress or blouse is suggested.  If your dress has a collar it will be tucked under your gown so that it is not visible. If your dress is strapless the gown must remain on and zipped.  A simple dress shoe with a modest heel is recommended.  Flip flops are not acceptable.  


Caps should be placed on your head so that the mortarboard is level.  You may want to bring bobby pins to secure your caps. Caps may be decorated to represent the college you will be attending or the career you will pursue. No 3-D images or decorations.  All items attached must be flat.


No embellishments to the gowns will be accepted. You MUST have a GOWN to be able to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Please contact Mrs. Penn if you have not taken care of this asap. 


   The tassel will be worn on the right side of the mortar board and moved from right to left at the designated time during the ceremony.


Cell phones will not be allowed on the graduate during the ceremony. If the graduate brings their phone to the gym, then they can leave their phone at their assigned area during graduation. 


Graduates will not be allowed to chew gum.

Traditional Graduation
May 28th, 2021 at 7:00
Humber Field
Rain Day Graduation
May 28th, 2021 at 7:00
New Elementary School cafeteria