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Senior 2020 Information

Senior Graduate Video
You can also access the livestream link on Danbury Middle/High school Facebook page.

We are excited to announce that Danbury High School will be hosting graduation ceremonies at Humber Field on June 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm, and that we will be able to allow 6 guests per graduate. 

TEA guidelines will have to be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all guests, graduates and staff. Graduation tickets will be mailed to the address on file for the senior. Please note that every individual will count as a guest regardless of age, including babies and children. Along with the tickets will be a health screener that every individual must complete to be admitted into the graduation ceremony. The completed forms and tickets will be collected at the entrance to the graduation ceremony. No one will be allowed in the stadium without these two items. Graduates and guests will have a scheduled time to arrive at the ceremony. Please let us know by Friday May 22, 2020 if there are any handicap needs for any of the guests. 

Graduates and their guests will arrive at the graduation during the time slots that have been assigned according to the graduate's last name. Graduates will report to the high school front entrance (by the cafeteria) and guests will report to Humber field to check-in.

 The time slots are below:

A-C: 5:45-5:50

D-F: 5:50-5:55

G: 5:55-6:00

H: 6:00-6:05

I-L: 6:05 - 6:10

Ma-Mi: 6:10-6:15

Mo-N: 6:15-6:20

O-Sc: 6:20-6:25

Se-St: 6:25-6:30

T-Ti: 6:30-6:35

To-Wa: 6:35-6:40

Wo-Z: 6:40-6:45


When guests arrive in the back parking lot by the stadium they will be directed to their parking spot. They should wait in their car until they have the permission from either a staff member or police officer to get in line to enter the stadium.There will be two entrances through which guests will enter. There will be the normal ticket booth entrance and also the entrance at the southwest side of the stands.  All families should social distance themselves from other family units. There will be markings at each entrance indicating the proper amount of space between each family unit. Upon entry to the stadium each guest must present their graduation ticket and completed COVID-19 health screener. Once these have been accepted and approved you will be directed to your seat. Each graduate will have a designated area in the stands where their guests are assigned to sit during the ceremony. There will be an escort to direct each family unit to that section. Within that section there will be a sleeve containing programs for the guests. Each family unit will be spaced 6 feet from the other family units. 


Graduates will enter through the front high school door closest to the cafeteria and HS office. They will have their temperature checked, submit their health screener for approval and will be highly encouraged to wear a mask while in the building waiting for the processional. The students will be placed 6 feet apart in the gym while they wait for the ceremony to start.


At the conclusion of the ceremony, the students will be escorted back to the gym in the same manner that they entered onto the field. The students will exit the field after they have listened to their class song from their seat (the students can toss their caps from their seat in a manner that they can retrieve it from their area before they leave the football field). Their diploma and senior sign will be waiting for them in the gym at their designated spot. Once they have signed for their diploma they will exit through the doors by the concession stand (by the gym). 


Guests will be dismissed by rows. There will be an escort at the end of the row that will dismiss each row to allow for social distancing as everyone exits the stadium.


Masks are strongly encouraged for every guest, graduate and staff member. They are not required to be a part of the outdoor ceremony. There will be hand sanitizing stations at the entrances of the stadium and in the gym.


Guests and graduates should not congregate before, during or after the ceremony. Please follow all of these guidelines above closely so we adhere to all the restrictions set forth by the State of Texas allowing us to have a face to face graduation.


For all guests unable to attend, we will also be livestreaming the ceremony on Danbury ISD social media.


   Because graduation is a special occasion, it should be dignified with proper attire:

For MEN -   A white dress shirt with a tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes or boots are recommended.  Flip flops are not acceptable.  Male students must be clean shaven.  For LADIES -    A lightweight, simply styled dress or blouse is suggested.  If your dress has a collar it will be tucked under your gown so that it is not visible. If your dress is strapless the gown must remain on and zipped.  A simple dress shoe with a modest heel is recommended.  Flip flops are not acceptable.  


Caps should be placed on your head so that the mortarboard is level.  You may want to bring bobby pins to secure your caps. Caps may be decorated to represent the college you will be attending or the career you will pursue. No 3-D images or decorations.  All items attached must be flat.


No embellishments to the gowns will be accepted. You MUST have a GOWN to be able to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Please contact Mrs. Penn if you have not taken care of this asap. 


   The tassel will be worn on the right side of the mortar board and moved from right to left at the designated time during the ceremony.


Cell phones will not be allowed on the graduate during the ceremony. If the graduate brings their phone to the gym, then they can leave their phone at their assigned area during graduation. 


Graduates will not be allowed to chew gum.

May 7,2020:

We are excited to announce the plan for a graduation ceremony for our seniors!  Governor Abbott is allowing school districts to proceed with outdoor graduation ceremonies under specific requirements and conditions starting June 1.  We know how much our students and their families have been looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are extremely happy that our seniors are getting the opportunity to celebrate their achievement as the Danbury High School Class of 2020.


Danbury ISD will hold the Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 5 at 7:00 pm at Humber Field.


To comply with the requirements and conditions with an outdoor graduation, we must limit the number of guests inside the stadium.  Each graduating senior will be allowed four (4) guests.  (Please note that every person will count as a guest regardless of age, including babies and children.)  We will live-stream graduation so that people can watch it from home or another location.


More details regarding graduation procedures and expectations will be released soon, as we need planning time to be able to comply with all the requirements for outdoor ceremonies and still provide the best experience for our students and guests.  


We must caution everyone that if state and local officials issue different directions concerning new data showing an increase in COVID-19 cases in our area, then we must do what is safest for our students and community, which means that these graduation plans may be changed at any time.


We hope that you will join us in celebrating our DHS Class of 2020.  We are very happy we can provide our seniors the recognition that they have earned and deserve.  Continue to check the DISD website for more information.

April 20, 2020:
Dear Danbury Parents and Community Members:

Along with all schools in the state of Texas, Danbury ISD will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  If at all possible, Danbury ISD will hold a traditional graduation ceremony on May 22nd.

If a traditional ceremony is not allowed, we will hold a virtual ceremony for our students and their families on May 22nd, followed by a car parade through town.

Regardless of which form the ceremony takes, we will be taking cap and gown pictures and creating videos for our students.  We are planning to include as many aspects of our students’ end-of-year programs (i.e. community recognition, Top Ten, Baccalaureate, car parade, graduation ceremony) as we possibly can.  More information will be announced in the days to come.

Thank you for your patience and support as we create new programs, plans, and traditions in a virtual reality.  We are doing it all with our students’ best interests at heart.


Due to changes, the virtual graduation filming will not take place. The senior Cap and Gown pictures will continue take place on the following dates:

May 8th 10:00-12:00


May 9th  10:00 – 12:00


Students have choose a time slot to get their pictures taken. We will allow only 1-2 students in the building at a time to make sure we can practice social distancing during the pictures and filming. The students will wait in their vehicle in the parking lot until a staff member gives them the go ahead to go inside the building. As they walk in they will pick up their packet and go into the cafeteria to take their cap and gown picture. Their packet will contain their cords/stoles if they have earned them. They will put these on for their pictures. When they are finished taking their cap and gown pictures, they will exit the building.

When the cap and gown pictures are complete, the photographer will send a link in an email for you to be able to view and purchase the photos. DHS will create a sign for each senior with their cap and gown picture that will be displayed on graduation day in the front of the high school.

*Boys please wear a collared shirt and tie for pictures.

All seniors will be given a senior t-shirt to represent their unique senior circumstances. Hopefully, the shirts will be ready to hand out on the day of the cap/gown pictures. 

Traditional Graduation 
June 5, 2020 at 7:00
Seniors do not forget to complete the following items that have been sent out through the senior remind app:
  • Senior Bio
  • Sign up for the Senior Remind App (if you have not previously done this)
    • Send a text to 81010
    • Text this message
      • @kk6kg6

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