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Mrs. Williams's Page

Hi my name is Heidi Williams. I have been living in Danbury for 7 years. My husband is from Danbury.  I was raised in Louisiana and moved to this area in my teens.  I enjoy this small community of Danbury.  It's nice that everyone knows everyone! You really get to know the kids being in a smaller educational environment. I think that is very beneficial to the kids.
I am a paraprofessional at DHS. I am responsible for the Dual Enrollment Students. Dual Enrollment are classes that are dual credit for high school and college. I am with the students when the professors are not teaching. I also am over the Credit Recovery Students. Credit Recovery at DHS, for those who do not know, is an online class that students take when they did not receive credit for the actual physical class. I am also a cheer coach for both DMS and DHS.