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Mrs. Fitzgerald's Page

Fourth Grade

About Me:  My name is Julie Fitzgerald and I teach 4th grade science &  

                  social studies.This year will be my 19th year as a teacher & 

                  my 10th in Danbury.  I am excited to have your student in 

                  class this year! 


What we     This year in social studies we will be studying the history of 

will learn:    Texas. In science we will be covering scientific processes,  

                  matter, energy, forces, earth science, and life science.  



Conference:     8:40-9:25


4th Grade Schedule               

7:50-8:35     WIN

8:40-9:25    Specials

9:25-11:00    Block 1

11:00-12:35 Block 2  

12:35-1:05    Lunch

1:05- 1:30    Recess

1:35-3:20     Block 3

2:35-3:20     PE/Music

3:20-3:30     Dismissal

Image of science journal Image of state of Texas