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Danbury Middle School

Principal:  Kimberly Hickl
Assistant Principal: Kristal Hawkins
Assistant Principal: Kristin Tankersly
Counselor:  Dianne Thompson
DMS/DHS Secretary to the Principal: Kari Crumley
DMS/DHS Campus Secretary: Latonya Follins
Registrar: Monica Davila

Motto:  Connect, -Empower, -Succeed! 

Mission Statement:  By modeling a healthy environment and relationships, and by providing engaging, empowering and exciting learning opportunities, we will develop independent, responsible learners who will have the tools necessary for success. 

5611 Panther Drive, Danbury TX  77534

Phone:  979-922-1227     Fax:  979-922-1051

Middle School Population:  192 (3A)
School Colors:  Black & Gold
School Mascot:  Panther