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Hi everyone if you need some information about my high school art  1-4 classes, this is the place to be.
Supplies: Most of the materials we will use in my class are supplied by the school, the only things a student will need to bring are these:
Sketchbook - 8"x11" or bigger
Pencil - every day
We do about 1 art project per week. some projects take longer than a week and some take less time. When projects are turned in, they are graded and then hung on the walls in the middle school and the high school. I usually return projects for the students to take home at the end of each 9 weeks, or the end of the semester. 
I have attached the rubric that I will use to grade student artwork throughout the year. It will change a little with different projects, but this is he basic one that will be used for most projects.