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Danbury High School

Principal:  Kimberly Hickl
Assistant Principal: Kristal Hawkins
Assistant Principal: Kristin Tankersly
Counselor:  Stephanie Catoe
DMS/DHS Secretary to the Principal: Brandi Gomez
DMS/DHS Campus Secretary: Lupe Valdez
DMS/DHS Attendance Clerk: Mistie Wright


Motto:  Strive for greatness to achieve success!


Mission Statement:   Danbury High School strives to educate all students at the highest level to ensure success and productivity in post-secondary learning and training.


5611 Panther Drive, Danbury TX  77534

Phone:  979-922-1226     Fax:  979-922-1051

High School Population:  232 (3A)
School Colors:  Black & Gold
School Mascot:  Panther